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Little Triangle's Icons

and sometimes other stuff

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Icons and graphics by littletriangle
Layout by hellogoodmornin

This is the icon journal of littletriangle. I may do other things like banners or mood themes if the mood strikes me and I have adequate screencaps. The interests list contains the names of series, characters, and actors I've done icons for; I'll add to it whenever I make new icons for a new fandom.

About bases: My icons are NOT bases. You may not edit them. Confusingly, I may sometimes post bases, but these will be very obviously marked "BASES" in the title.

About resources: I will have a post about resources, in which I will list all the textures and brushes in my resource folder. I'll try to keep this updated whenever I get new ones. Screencap providers will also be listed. In posts, I will list where I got photos; sometimes I get them from Google image search, so feel free to comment with the source, or asking me for the pictures.

About credit: If you're using my icons on a forum, I'm sure you can find space in your profile or sig to add a quick line of credit and a link to me. If you use my icons on LJ, please credit littletriangle or lt_icons. Your Userpic Management page has an optional box where you can add a comment:

It's that easy.

About copyrights: Wow, touchy subject manner. I am not making money, I am not passing this off as my own, and I am a mere, dirt-poor fan. Although unlicensed use of anything that doesn't belong to the user is basically copyright infringement (pretty much the entire fan community), I beg any lawyers out there to take pity on me. I'm just doing this for my own amusement.